Silver Spoon Granulated Sugar



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We work directly with 1,200 British farmers in East Anglia to grow our sugar beet.The sugar beet then travels directly from farm to local factory - an efficient journey from field to spoon.In just a few simple steps our factory in Bury St Edmunds turns the sugar beet into our range of homegrown sugars!Sustainability is nothing new to us - we've been working on it for 30 years. Our sugar beet is homegrown and our bags are recyclable made with paper from certified forests. We send nothing to landfill and our excess production energy helps to power British homes.Why not try CasterFor your bakingA finer grain that's easy to mix in, trapping more air for lighter spongesSmart Thinking:Geese, it seems, have a sweet bill.Maybe that's why 1/4 of the world's Pink -footed Geese forage for food in East Anglia's sugar beet fields.