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  • Gnaw Caramel Chocolate Buttons

    Indulge in our bite-sized buttons of smooth and tasty caramel milk chocolate buttons to share with family...or keep all to yourself! Completely moorish and totally delicious chocolate buttons. A perfect and tasty gift to send a chocolate lover to enjoy and make them smile with chocolate joy. Add to a buttons bundle or keep a few bags squirrelled away for a treat after work or enjoy as an afternoon treat.
  • Gnaw Crunchy Peanut Butter

    A firm favourite of our squirrels here...Imagine ground and chopped peanuts swirled together with our deliciously smooth and mellow milk chocolate... and voila here you have it. Sweet and savoury smashed together in this handmade chocolate bar. A seriously good chocolate bar. Beautifully packaged in our fully compostable wrapper and foil 🌱
  • Gnaw Fudge Crunch

    Fudgificated (technical squirrel term) with crunchy shortcake biscuits and gorgeous honeycomb enveloped in our deliciously smooth and yummy handcrafted milk chocolate. Beautifully packaged in our fully compostable wrapper and foil 🌱
  • Gnaw Milk Chocolate Buttons

    Indulge in our bite-sized buttons of smooth and tasty milk chocolate! Perfect for any occasion but so tasty will you be able to share them? Great to squirrel away and keep for when a chocolate craving comes along.
  • Gnaw Salted Caramel and Peanut Milk Chocolate

    The squirrels are going nuts for this fabulous peanutty perfection of a milk chocolate bar, masquerading in scintillatingly salty caramel smooth milk chocolate...enjoy! This wondrous bar is beautifully packaged in our fully compostable wrapper and foil 🌱 , it's also made without gluten and palm oil free too.